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Bob Hundt - Fine Art Photography

"The Next Best Thing to being There"

  • "Bob's Photos bring a sense of calmness"

  • "The colors are SO brilliant - They appear to be backlit"

  • "I lose my sense of time while absorbing myself in Bob's work"

  • "One of a Kind Imagery"

  • "Stunning Photography - my home is filled with Bob's work!"

  • "Bob's photography invites me into the scene"


"I have purchased multiple art pieces from Bob, and hope to buy more.  His photography invites me into the scene, making me feel like I am part of the landscape.  As a native Wisconsinite, the local images stir up nostalgic emotions reminding me of home.  The best part of Bob's photography are his fascinating stories of how the photos originated, and the process to put them together. Listen to his story, buy a print, and you won't be disappointed."

Rick Reiten - Greeley, Colorado

"I have watched Bob Hundt Photography grow and evolve for over 30 year's. His feel for composition and depth of field is impressive. Bob's photography has progressed to where he has been recognized in several publications and galleries. I currently have 2 of Bob's prints on my living room wall that I proudly display. "He is a one-of-a-kind photographer!" 

Mike Sheahen - Lake Geneva, Wisconsin